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The face of tomorrow.

Sabine scowled at her reflection in the mirror, eyeing the simple dark gray smock and headscarf the house-mother had provided her.Collapse )

While studying medicine in Emanon, Sabine winds up boarding in a House for Young Women that doesn't necessarily require its boarders to take holy vows, but would greatly appreciate it if they would.

Words: 292
Total: 21,312

A lie someone told you.

Both the trader and Nathan looked taken aback. “Do you mean to call me a liar?” the man bristled.Collapse )

Vitae saves Nathan from a dishonest silk trader. Because he's simply...

black butler

...one hell of a butler.


Words: 495
Total: 21,020

Write about the blues at night.

A slanting segment of rooftop led away from Vitae's window.Collapse )

All rooftops in my head look like the rooftop of my childhood home.

Actually, the real kicker for this piece is that since writing it I've changed Vitae's residence in Newfall from a tenement house in the city proper to guildhall quarters in the Undercroft, which means I now need to write a piece about what it's like to live there. I also need to stop using the "housemate having noisy sex" trope, because I think this is the third or fourth time I've subjected him to it.

Words: 311
Total: 20,355
So, whether intentionally or un-, I wrote a prompt for Leap Day, even though 2013 is not Leap Year. Therefore, as there is no February 29th to post this to, I'm making this a double post. After all, the two posts deal with the same subject matter.

Leap Day:

“Yes, but can we get all the way across?”Collapse )

And then, meant perhaps as a possible flashback segue:

“The Bridge is warded, you know,” Vitae said, eyeing it through the thorny bars of the wrought-iron gate.Collapse )

Two prompts dealing with the Bridge of Silence, the royal funerary bridge in Scilone City. In the first, the group contemplates crossing a toppled Bridge of Silence in present-day Scilone. In the second, Vitae and his best friend Cyril sprint the Bridge of Silence as part of a bet during their schooldays. In the first prompt Vitae is 26, in the second he's probably 17 or 18.

Words: 1,378
Total: 20,044

It was a daydream.

One by one the graduates and appraisees were announced, then passed handshake-to-handshake across the Council.Collapse )

I was determined to struggle through this scene, no matter how many prompt lines I had to leapfrog over to do it.

Words: 37
Total: 18,666

Write about a crosswind.

“Allow me to begin by saying congratulations.Collapse )

Drakaar alFine, Chorus Master and head of Bardic Studies at the Citadel gives his commencement speech. As you may have noticed, I'm terrible at writing speeches and therefore don't much care for this prompt.

Words: 161
Total: 18,629

In the closet.

Nathan rapped briskly on the door connecting his suite to Vitae's.Collapse )

This was originally in Nathan's POV, but I changed it to Vitae's at the last minute because it is nearly 1 a.m. and because art.

Nathan is SUCH A BITCH.

Words: 289
Total: 18,468

Write about a long bus ride.

The trolley was frigid that morning.Collapse )

Vitae couch-surfs. I'm really bad at writing these little blurbs.

Words: 258
Total: 18,179

In a foreign country.

The gypsy camp was a circle of nine or ten brightly painted wagons in every color and style imaginable.Collapse )

When one of Yinda's gangmates goes missing, Vitae takes his problems to the gypsies.

Any caravan with a bunch of smoking, dicing men out front is a well-guarded caravan. Also, meet Boris.

Words: 426
Total: 17,920

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